Living In The Heart

an interfaith ministry

We are advocating for a mystical philosophy which unites the healing arts.

The Golden Elixir is simply another name for one's fundamental nature.
- Liu Yiming
Realize what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be revealed.
- Gospel of Thomas, Logion 5
All people have, on their own, the Medicine of Long Life.
- Zhang Boduan
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The IMM develops courses and facilitates conversations that weave the mystical perspective into all facets of our role as practitioners. Our mission is to teach a way of integrating an awareness of absolute unity into all dimensions of the healing process.

There is magic within each of us to fulfill the possibility of the performance that is inherent in what we are.
- Ra Uru Hu
Become passersby.
- Gospel of Thomas, Logion 42
The name that can be named is not the Eternal Name. The Unnameable is the eternally real.
- Daodejing, poem 1
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Apply For A Scholarship

The IMM holds the honor of giving out scholarships to practitioners who have an interest in Mystical Medicine. If you would like to be interviewed to become a Mystical Medicine Scholarship Recipient, fill out the information below and we will be in touch with you.

Split the log and I am there. Lift a stone and there you will find me.
- Gospel of Thomas, Logion 77
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
- Daodejing
Have you more faith in a spoonful of medicine than in the power that animates the living world?
- B.J. Palmer
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Meet The Founders

Laura Rose Gage

Laura Rose is a storyteller, a period & pregnancy coach, acupuncturist, and founder of the Institute for Mystical Medicine. She believes that lasting, miraculous healing of the mind and body is found at the spirit level. Laura hopes for everyone in her life to come to a place of being without condition and living from the sovereignty of our hearts.

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Conner Kees

Conner is a spiritual empowerment coach, speaker, author, and founder of the Institute for Mystical Medicine. He has a background as an acupuncturist, herbalist, astrologer, and health food store owner. His deepest passion is having the One Conversation that reminds us where we came from, what we're doing here, and where we're going.

Feel free to reach out.

Take the leap with us. ❤️